(UK) Manchester | Pop/Dance/Rap

"Hailing from three different continents, the band are as global as their sound. A fusion of feel-good pop, euphoric dance and technical rap, their music transcends borders, sounding as fresh anywhere on the planet as it does in their home town of Manchester, UK.
It’s no wonder that the band has spent the last six years building a loyal fanbase on stages from Manchester schools to arenas around the world. As well as playing every corner of the UK, they have performed in Denmark, Finland, France, Lithuania, Norway, Slovakia, South Africa, Sweden and the United States.
TWELVE24’s music has scored comparisons to Macklemore (for his deep lyrical content and independence) and Calvin Harris (for his euphoric dance style). But ultimately, the band’s sound is entirely their own.
They are fiercely protective of their artistic vision, writing and producing all their tracks themselves, with the help of a close team of studio collaborators. Their music is not only catchy and ‘feel-good’ but is informed by their personal stories, their Christian faith and a positive, inspiring message refined by 8 years of being a band!"